Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Creepy New ACEO Auctions Posted!!!!

Nosfuratu ACEO Auctioning now!

Hello art fans! October is a few days away, and that means one of my favorite holidays is coming up- All Hallows Eve. Most of the ACEOS (Art Cards Editions & Originals) that I've posted for auction have a Halloween theme to them of some sort. There are ominous birds like ravens and crows, as well as my take on some popular monsters. Click on the "AUCTIONS" link above to see my ebay store. Remember to check often. I post all new and original ACEOS on ebay every 10 days or so. (this time I was really late. Sorry)

While I'm on the topic of ACEOs, I hope you don't mind me addressing a question that I get a lot on this blog and in my travels. Many people are still asking what an ACEO or ATC is. Below is a video that may lack quality in audio picture and editing, but it explains the ATC ACEO movement quite well. Maybe someday I will make my own video explanation. I hope this video clears up all of the confusion...

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