Friday, June 29, 2012

Remembering Lonesome George

Lonesome George by: John Tallacksen
  On June 25th Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island Tortoise died in the Galapagos Islands. This art card is in memory of him and his species that we've lost. God forgive us.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Six Seasons And A Movie Exhibit Continues Through Summer

Lo Rez of my submission 
  If you missed the opening week end of Six Seasons And A Movie (see my last post) there is still hope. Pixel Drip Gallery will carry the exhibit with them to two different locations through-out Los Angeles til this September. My original piece will be available for viewing and for sale along with 10 other reproductions (just ask the attendant on hand for reproductions). The schedule that Pixel Drip Gallery has released thus far is as follows:

-The Hive Gallery in downtown Los Angeles July and August. 
  The Hive is located at 729 South Spring Street, Los Angeles 90014. 
  Opening reception on July 7th from 8pm to 12:30am and cover is $8 
  Free admission at any other time of the month. 
  On display until July 28th
  Rotating the art for the August showing 
  A limited number of prints to opening reception and Art Walk, make sure to attend those days

- One final showing in September 
  You’ll have to wait until we get closer to the event date before Pixel Drip announces the details.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Six Seasons And A Movie Opening Reception Re-Cap

Me and Dan Harmon with my artwork
  The opening day/reception for the Six Seasons And A Movie art exhibition was a rush to say the least. Since this was a fan show for the hit TV series Community on NBC there was: a costume contest, text book signings, a "What is a Mexican Halloween?" contest, a live band, and even a playable demo of the  video game Journey To The Center Of Hawkthorne which appeared in one of the latest episodes. Nothing I could write here would begin to describe how cool it all really was. I will touch on some of the mountain peaks of the evening in this post. If you're reading this and you were present at the art show please add your reviews and thoughts in the comments section.

  As you can see Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, was in attendance so I caught a picture with him in-front of my work. Since my illustration is of the "Hulk Seacrest" scene from the episode titled Contemporary Impressionists in the 3rd season Dan told me that the thirteen year old boy in the episode was originally named Oscar so they could refer to his Bar Mitzvah as Oscar's Oscars. The script became too complicated so they changed his name to Howie among other changes. 

Closer shot of my work
  This is a moving art exhibit. I'm not sure of the details, but I hear the show will move to the Hive Gallery downtown and then to the Comikazi Expo in September. My original piece will travel with this show til September and it will be for sale along with reproductions of the piece that are $20 each. Please visit the show when you can. It's one of the most enjoyable art shows I've been a part of.    
  My contribution
One of the posters eventually signed by all of the artists present
Close-up of signatures by Julieta Colas, Paul Fernando, and myself
  This poster probably already went to the winner of the trivia contest during today's showing. 

 A Chain Of Communication or The Tale Of How I Was Involved (Condensed Version)
Apt 303 artist Victor Camba
Artist and Community enthusiast Victor Camba heard tell of the Six Seasons And A Movie show at a time an location unbeknownst to me.
Artist Chris Kawagiwa with his submission to the show
Victor then told his friend Chris Kawagiwa the good news. They were both very excited.
Artist Stephen Yan with his creation
Stephen reportedly heard about it from Chris...
Ralph Miranda with his "darkest" artwork
... and of course Ralph was in the mix. All four of them were like, "Cool cool cool cool."
Then Stephen told me.
Paolo Encarnacion's contribution 
And Paolo hung his trollin' artwork right by the exit door where Shirley caught everyone looking at it all googly eyed.

Paul Fernando pictured here in life vest
The moment Paul realized poking a hole in the back of your raft doesn't make you go faster. 

The End

Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Original Synesthetic Art

Black Skimmer 2 by: John Tallacksen
  I've just posted the art card above for a ten day auction. It is the third piece in my synesthetic series. If yI've posted a description of the process here. Each card in this series is signed and dated, but the title of the piece is also written in the colors that I see in my mind due to Color-Grapheme Synesthesia. The colors assigned to each letter is what I allow to determine the color scheme of each piece. 

  If you're not familiar with black skimmers they are these wonderful birds that hunt for food by flying very low over water while their lower beak is dipped in order to scoop up food. It's an amazing sight to see them fly so low and watch the line of ripples in the water that follows them.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Facebook Fan Page

Yes, I too have a facebook fan page! You are invited to visit me there.

Have you purchased or traded art with me?- post a picture of that piece in your home or collection. I would love to see it!

In addition to this being a place to interact with my audience, this will also be another place to receive updates on new original pieces and art exhibitions. Keep it locked both here on the blog and on the facebook page for more news.

Monday, June 18, 2012

El Nombre De La Ciudad ACEO

El Nombre De La Ciudad by: John Tallacksen
  I created this card earlier in the year as a color study for a larger piece after becoming a fan of Fabian Debora's work. For me painting this piece was a way to cope with my city's lack of preserving or understanding it's own history. Currently there is a sort of ban on murals in Los Angeles which effects a lot of things negatively. Our city was named after a mural in Spain depicting angels surrounding the mother Mary.
  At the same time we have a lot of human trafficking going on in McArthur Park and other areas. I don't quite know how to defend the people being sold into slavery of different kinds, but this piece is the beginning of my action against it. Those of us in the church hold the purity of Christ's mother in high regard, but we need to do the same for God's daughters. This is why the young girl I've painted dressed as the Virgin de Guadelupe isn't supposed to be Mary. Instead this girl represents the average girl in L.A. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June Wayne: The Beginning Of Tamarind Press

June Wayne the architect and much more of Tamarind Lithography Workshop talking about the early days, W. McNeil Lowry's contributions to the arts in the U.S., and what we need to do in the future.

A few questions...

-Where does one find June Wayne's plan for Tamarind?

-Has the think tank she suggests at the end of the video been created? Where or why not?

-Do I have the guts to take on some of these issues myself?

-Is there space and workers for this effort in L.A.?

Monday, June 4, 2012

My First Official Synesthetic Art Piece

  A few years ago I discovered that I have a condition called Grapheme Synesthesia. It's pretty hard to describe what it is but I'll give it a shot... when I'm reading, working out some mathematics, or thinking of words or numbers in my head my mind's eye takes over and I see lots of colors. Simply put, each letter or number has a specific color assigned to it in my psyche and when they are put together to form words or numbers I see a blur or gradient of colors. Some letters or numbers are more dominant than others and tend to take over the colors of the word or number.

  Those of you who are already familiar with Synesthesia won't be surprised that another artist has this condition. Many, not all, artist types have some form of Synesthesia. I recently read that one of my favorite artists Vincent Van Gogh had it which makes a lot of sense in view of his obsession with color. 

  In this post I am introducing a completely new method for my creative process that relies heavily on my condition especially in the selection of colors for the piece. As you will see, I have used the format of ACEOs for this experiment, and this particular experiment is up for a 10 day auction now.

A representation of what I see when I think of the term "Hip-Hop"
  Above is a quick rendering of more or less what I see in my mind when I: hear, read, or think of the term "Hip-Hop". Each letter or character has it's assigned color. The blurred line above my handwriting is sort of what I see when I think of the word quickly- for instance when someone uses this term in a sentence and my mind must keep up with every word as the person is saying it. This particular term has a very dark cloud around it in my mind's eye, but I wrote it on a white background for the sake of clarity. The idea was to create a tribute to Hip-Hop since it is a movement I resonate with deeply. This quick "jot" was created in photoshop to serve as my color palette for the piece pictured below.

The final experiment in ACEO format
  This image is a scan of the final piece utilizing the colors chosen by my synesthesia. Yes, this is a 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" ACEO. I am using this miniature experiment to fashion a work method for what will hopefully become a life-long project in printmaking. This is a new style for me inspired by Dave Kinsey's work among others. I need a new style that will compliment my new-found love of printmaking, and I'm hoping this is it- or an early version of it. Please check back on this blog often to see how this style evolves, and to be informed of my first print runs in the coming months. I have my eye on a few workshops here in Los Angeles so stay tuned art lovers!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mallard Duck ACEO

Mallard In Flight by: John Tallacksen
  When I can I really like to make minimalist marks on my work. Something about simplicity get's me excited which is funny because I can be a very complicated and scattered person. This ACEO captures the action of a mallard duck taking flight from the water. I used watercolor, deco paint markers, as well as my signature aerosol paint to create this image. This miniature piece is created in a similar process to my snipe and sea gull cards.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trading Original Art With Erika Schulz

To Play Each Other As Instruments by: John Tallacksen
  I recently had the pleasure of trading original ATCs with artist Erika Schulz from Canada. We have both been members of a mail art community online called All of her work was absolutely brilliant, but her koi fish paintings really caught my eye. I contacted her through our shared network and found out that she loved the Tudors series. It took a while with our busy schedules but the wait was worth it. I hope she has enjoyed the card I made for her as much as I've enjoyed the card she sent me. 
  Please click on her name above and browse through her website. You'll see why I'm such a fan, and hopefully you'll want to support her work too.
Now You See Me II by: Erika Schulz

Learning About Printmaking From Picasso

  Lately I have become very interested in turning half of my focus to regular printmaking. I will always continue to make ACEOs and ATCs, but I would like those small pieces to point my audience to this blog which will hopefully then introduce readers to a larger body of equally collectible work. 
  Since I am in the research phase of learning what printmaking is, my girlfriend and I decided to visit Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills, CA to view some of Picasso's masterful prints. We learned that Picasso, along with his experienced friends, was one of the most prolific print-makers of his era. Thankfully my wonderful girlfriend Karla brought her camera and documented our field trip. Her images are below.
Galerie Michael
Picasso's linocut process
One of my favorite prints of this collection by Picasso
Another amazing print by Picasso
Closer view of the print above
Detail of the print above
One of Picasso's prints a little smaller than an ACEO- hmm ideas
Me sketching from the same print above
Close up of the small print above

Later my girlfriend and I walked to Sprinkles for cupcakes