Sunday, June 24, 2012

Six Seasons And A Movie Opening Reception Re-Cap

Me and Dan Harmon with my artwork
  The opening day/reception for the Six Seasons And A Movie art exhibition was a rush to say the least. Since this was a fan show for the hit TV series Community on NBC there was: a costume contest, text book signings, a "What is a Mexican Halloween?" contest, a live band, and even a playable demo of the  video game Journey To The Center Of Hawkthorne which appeared in one of the latest episodes. Nothing I could write here would begin to describe how cool it all really was. I will touch on some of the mountain peaks of the evening in this post. If you're reading this and you were present at the art show please add your reviews and thoughts in the comments section.

  As you can see Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, was in attendance so I caught a picture with him in-front of my work. Since my illustration is of the "Hulk Seacrest" scene from the episode titled Contemporary Impressionists in the 3rd season Dan told me that the thirteen year old boy in the episode was originally named Oscar so they could refer to his Bar Mitzvah as Oscar's Oscars. The script became too complicated so they changed his name to Howie among other changes. 

Closer shot of my work
  This is a moving art exhibit. I'm not sure of the details, but I hear the show will move to the Hive Gallery downtown and then to the Comikazi Expo in September. My original piece will travel with this show til September and it will be for sale along with reproductions of the piece that are $20 each. Please visit the show when you can. It's one of the most enjoyable art shows I've been a part of.    
  My contribution
One of the posters eventually signed by all of the artists present
Close-up of signatures by Julieta Colas, Paul Fernando, and myself
  This poster probably already went to the winner of the trivia contest during today's showing. 

 A Chain Of Communication or The Tale Of How I Was Involved (Condensed Version)
Apt 303 artist Victor Camba
Artist and Community enthusiast Victor Camba heard tell of the Six Seasons And A Movie show at a time an location unbeknownst to me.
Artist Chris Kawagiwa with his submission to the show
Victor then told his friend Chris Kawagiwa the good news. They were both very excited.
Artist Stephen Yan with his creation
Stephen reportedly heard about it from Chris...
Ralph Miranda with his "darkest" artwork
... and of course Ralph was in the mix. All four of them were like, "Cool cool cool cool."
Then Stephen told me.
Paolo Encarnacion's contribution 
And Paolo hung his trollin' artwork right by the exit door where Shirley caught everyone looking at it all googly eyed.

Paul Fernando pictured here in life vest
The moment Paul realized poking a hole in the back of your raft doesn't make you go faster. 

The End

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