Saturday, June 2, 2012

Learning About Printmaking From Picasso

  Lately I have become very interested in turning half of my focus to regular printmaking. I will always continue to make ACEOs and ATCs, but I would like those small pieces to point my audience to this blog which will hopefully then introduce readers to a larger body of equally collectible work. 
  Since I am in the research phase of learning what printmaking is, my girlfriend and I decided to visit Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills, CA to view some of Picasso's masterful prints. We learned that Picasso, along with his experienced friends, was one of the most prolific print-makers of his era. Thankfully my wonderful girlfriend Karla brought her camera and documented our field trip. Her images are below.
Galerie Michael
Picasso's linocut process
One of my favorite prints of this collection by Picasso
Another amazing print by Picasso
Closer view of the print above
Detail of the print above
One of Picasso's prints a little smaller than an ACEO- hmm ideas
Me sketching from the same print above
Close up of the small print above

Later my girlfriend and I walked to Sprinkles for cupcakes

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