Saturday, August 11, 2012

Primstav 1: ACEO Edition

The same yet different
Aerosol paint and ink on elephant dung card stock (From the historic LA paper store McManus & Morgan) of ancient Norwegian Primstav calendar symbol for January 6th (Julian calendar)

Number 25 is up for auction for the next 10 days here.

My birthday is January 6th. This piece represents a return to the beginnings of my identity in view of my Norwegian culture. This series will continue with editions of each Primstav symbol in order. Please view the pictures provided to see samples of how each card is the same yet unique. 

This card is signed and numbered with the rest of the edition

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two Latest Prints Just Posted

7th and Carondelet 

Corner Of Pico And Union
  Prints from both editions were just now posted in my online shop. Only one print of 7th And Carondelet will be sold in my shop; the rest of the edition of 15 are for sale on consignment at McManus & Morgan in Los Angeles. (see address below)

McManus & Morgan Fine Artist Paper
2506 W. 7th St (corner of 7th and Carondelet)
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Making A New Linocut Edition: Corner Of Pico and Union

Right now I am about to sign and number my second linocut edition Corner Of Pico And Union, and I couldn't be more happy with it. Master Printmaker Noel Hernandez at Self Help Graphics in L.A. is collaborating with me on the printing process. Of course I drew and carved the linocut on my own.
I can't recommend printing at Self Help Graphics enough. They have a long legendary track record in developing Latino artists in the L.A. area. 
Study for the final print
Above is a study I did on location in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Pico Union for the print. I later auctioned this small sketch off in my online auctions.
Noel applying the ink to the block I carved.
inked and on the press
The edition is now complete and drying on the rack

Shot of a final Artist Proof of this edition by Leo Jimenez