Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Pico Union ACEO Auction

Pico and Union (Pico Donuts) by: John Tallacksen

This is the first in a series in which I hope to work out my relationship to my neighborhood as an Anglo male in a Latino community. The scene depicts a popular donut shop on the corner of Pico and Union where there are always men playing cards outside. The occurance of these men playing cards at this location is so common that when many of the youth watched me paint this card they recognized who and where it was immediately. I plan on using this as a color study for a larger painting of the same subject matter. The painting is a synesthetic piece meaning I used my Color-Grapheme Synesthesia condition to determine the color scheme. On the back of the card you will find the title "Pico + Union" written in the colors that my mind's eye sees each letter in which I used in this piece. Spray paint is a staple in the street art world and is rarely used by ACEO artists which is why I try to use it as much as possible.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Linocut Edition Completed

7th And Carondelet by: John Tallacksen

linocut print in black ink on 8" x 10" white Lettra paper purchased at McManus & Morgan

  In this new edition of linocuts I produced an image of the corner of 7th St and Carondelet in Los Angeles. My two favorite shops reside on this corner Aardvark Letterpress and McManus & Morgan. This is a very limited edition of only 15 prints each signed, titled, and numbered. A good number of these prints are currently for sale at McManus & Morgan. For those of you outside of the L.A. area I may hold one or two prints and sell them online. Stay tuned for more news.

Trading Original Art With Sarah Trumpp

Monster Girl! by: Sarah Trumpp
Artist Sarah Trumpp is an administrator and Jury panelist in an art card trading site called As I have mentioned in past posts, I was accepted into this group early in the year, and I have really enjoyed my trades so far. The ATC Sarah made for me is pictured above. I like monsters a lot so I specifically asked for one of her "monster children". I particularly like the shapes and size ranges in her character design and the texture she achieves with acrylic paint- especially the splatters. Trumpp has a joint website with two other artists at Please go visit them.

On her profile she mentioned that she likes the H.P. Lovecraft character of the Cthulhu. I couldn't resist the macabre theme of the character so that's what I painted for her (see below). The behemoth is a creature mentioned in the Bible (see the book of Job) that I've always been fascinated with as-well so I pit the two up against each-other. I subscribe to the theory that the behemoth may have been some sort of sauropod.

Behemoth Vs. Cthulhu by: John Tallacksen 

Monday, July 16, 2012


My portfolio is currently moving to! Please visit me there, but watch your step we're still under construction. You will notice that the PORTFOLIO tab in the upper left of this blog is now linked to the new site. will serve mostly as my portfolio, and will remain focused on that task. Most of the pages already have content, but you will soon be able to use the new site as an archive or record of my career in art. This blog and my facebook page linked above will still serve as a news feed for all of my new adventures. I invite you to get acquainted with my work through all of these tools.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Two New 10 Day ACEO Auctions Posted!

Western Tanager by: John Tallacksen
  Under an hour before the Lonesome George piece sold I was able to post two more ACEO's (one of them pictured above) in my AUCTIONS page. That was close! I don't like being caught without artwork for sale in my shops. It's embarrassing. Thank you to all of my buyers, collectors, and supporters out there.
  So here it is- the latest fruits of my labor! Click on my AUCTIONS tab up at the top to view all of my 10 day auctions. Both of these pieces have color palets chosen by my Grapheme-Color Synesthesia, and interestingly enough the colors that I see in the words "Tanager" and "Orchid" match the actual colors of the subject matter. 
  I'll be posting more during the week. I have a few interesting requests to work on that some of you have sent in. 

  FYI I've been working on a limited print series of a subject that is very dear to my heart. Stay tuned for images and info...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Facebook Button

Look up in the tool bar. There's a new tab for my facebook fan page! I held off on adding a tab tomy fan page for a while because I didn't want to come off as pretentious. I really want this blog to be the hub where anyone can come and be introduced to all of my work and easily link to all of the things I'm doing on the web. I took the plunge. The link is added. It would be really nice to hear from you so leave a comment here or go to my fan page and connect with me there. I look forward to meeting you!