Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Six Seasons And A Movie Art Exhibit Submission

Preview of my submission "Mozel Tov Howie!"
  Thanks to Pixel Drip Gallery here in Los Angeles, we have a local art exhibit dedicated to NBC's hit comedy series Community. The exhibition is called "Six Seasons And A Movie", a popular mantra among Community geeks. This art show has already snow-balled into a popular buzz topic in the press and all over the internet. 
  I came into the inner workings of this show late, but thankfully the art show's curator Mark Batalla is a patient man and allowed me to submit a piece to this amazing show. My piece (see sneak peek above) turns Jeff's egotistical Hulk-like rampage from episode 12 of season 3 into a homage to legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby.
  This wonderful event is hosted at Monk Space in Los Angeles on June 23rd and 24th. This is a free event that will probably serve as a fan convention for the TV show just as much as it will be an art show. If you are reading this I am inviting you to the show provided that you are in Los Angeles this June. Please join us for one of the biggest Los Angeles events of the Summer.

Six Seasons And A Movie
Monk Space
4414 West 2nd Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90004
11AM - 6PM Sat and Sun

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Tawny Owl ACEO

The Tawny Owl by: John Tallacksen
  I found this peculiar looking fellow inside of a 1950's encyclopedia. I had to draw the look on his or her face. According to the encyclopedia the Tawny, or Wood, Owl is indigenous to central Europe. 
  The image was created with Japanese brush pen and spray paint. Click below to view my 10 original artwork auction updates. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bjorn ACEO

Bjorn in the Snow by: John Tallacksen
  It's been a while since I've drawn Bjorn. Sadly progress is very slow on that project. I have a lot of art adventures coming up in the near future that I'm working on. Stay tuned to this blog for exciting updates within the next week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wild Snipe by: John Tallacksen
  The next time someone tries to trick you into hunting for snipe, what they think will be a wild goose chase, you can surprise them with the fact that snipe do exist. If you have the winning bid for the piece auctioned above you can also return with the card and show them what a wise guy you can be. This auction has 9 days left so browse through my collectible pieces at this link. 

  This card is a continuation of my series using spray paint. This is a significant fact because aerosol paint is rarely used in the ACEO world, and therefore these cards have added value. I've posted on this blog not too long ago about my personal history with this particular medium. Click here to read that posting. As always, I will be continually posting more of my original art cards exclusively in that same auction page. Sometimes I add one card, sometimes I add two, but there will be more constantly trickling in. I plan on never getting caught without having at least one original card posted for auction at any given time so check back often.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Art Market Smashing Records: You Might Smash A Few Too

  Oh I most definitely appreciate all of the patrons of the world who buy, and therefore support, the world's art. Unfortunately the middle class is rapidly diminishing, and there is a wider gulf between the rich and the poor every day. Wealthy people obviously need culture in their lives, but so does everyone else. How do hundred-aires get into the buying original art game?
  I don't know much about markets, investments, or business in general, but art is hot right now. 
According to an article from the Associated Press viewed here, art sales are up even in a more than shaky economy- in fact records have been broken in succession within the last few weeks. 
Edvard Munch's The Scream
  Pictured above: the late Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's The Scream tipped the first domino with a record sale at auction of almost $120 million on May 2nd of this year. Go Norwegian artists! YEAH!

  The second domino to fall shortly after The Scream was Russian artist Mark Rothko's abstract expressionist piece titled Orange Red and Yellow. The purchase of this minimalist masterwork set the new record for contemporary art auctions at just shy of $87 million on May 8th. Russian artists stand up!!!
Mark Rothko's Orange Red And Yellow 

  A slew of other high value art purchases continued and may still be running for a while. The a-fore mentioned article by the Associated Press reports that the art sales business is booming right now while almost everything else struggles to reach restoration. In the same report linked above Nicolai Frahm of Frahm Ltd in London is quoted as saying, "People feel very safe about buying art. You have a huge amount of new buyers coming to the market. If you have money, you want to be a part of buying art. People almost are considered imbeciles if they have money and they're not buying."

  I'm glad the wealthy are buying art at a healthy rate right now, but they shouldn't be the only ones able to make this kind of investment- right? Believe me, they don't have to be the only ones. How did the previous owner of The Scream manage to own that iconic piece? He was a patron of Munch's. That's right, they were neighbors and the gentleman liked Edvard's work so he became a patron of his art. Do you have friends that create art? If so, and you like it, maybe you should buy some. If you can't afford to spend even a few hundred dollars on original art (I know I can't) you might be able to spend $5 to $20 on an ACEO. Click On This to sort through many many artists auctioning their original miniature art on Ebay.com. Find one two or three artists you like and bid a few dollars on some original pieces. If you're not impressed with the miniature card stock format just remember that The Scream up there was created on cardboard. You never know if you might be collecting the work of the next top selling artist- and it's very affordable I might add. Go ahead, get into the art buying game. Support a budding artist and allow their work to bless your home and your collection. I promise you'll enjoy it immensely.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Commissions For Sale

  My Etsy shop has been down for a little while. I apologize to everyone who has clicked on the shop link up above only to find no items listed. I hope to make up for that starting now. Click on the link to my shop and you will find that I've created a new banner and posted some options for original commissioned art. My goal within the next quarter is to turn this Etsy shop into a place where I can sell limited print runs of new original work every month. For now I have portraits on commission opportunities for sale, but strike while my pencil and stylus are hot because I'm not sure how long I will be able to create customized work with a never ending queue of projects waiting to be finished. Oh the life of an artist. We'll see how well these commissions do at such a competitive price. I'll offer them for as long as I can afford to.

  The commission options are as follows...
Digital Commissions:
      -Custom Drawing of up to 2 subjects- you e-mail me reference pictures and I e-mail the digital drawing to you with no shipping costs
      -Custom Drawing of 3 to 4 subjects- "              "             "

Paper Commissions:
      -Custom Drawing of up to 2 subjects- you e-mail me references and I ship the original drawing to you with shipping costs
      -Custom Drawing of 3 to 4 subjects- "              "              "
      -Custom ACEO drawing of one subject- "            "              "

  Over-all my vision is to continue to auction my original personal work on my ebay account and sell high quality limited prints of those pieces and others on the Etsy shop. Visit both shops often. Of course I will do my best to post any changes here as they come. Thank you all so much for supporting my work!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Trading Original Art With Judy Brick

Chicago Looking South... by: Judy Brick
 Artist Judy Brick and I are members of IllustratedATCs.com an international community of artists who make ATCs and ACEOs. We traded our art cards recently, and I had to share her work with the world. We found out that we had both lived in Chicago at some point in our lives so we decided to draw city skylines for eachother. She would draw our beloved Chicago, and I would draw my beloved Los Angeles which is where I currently live. I love her blue and violet color pallet in this piece, but my favorite element is the soft watercolor clouds in the background. This card reminds me of many humid Summer mornings riding the red line on the L to downtown. Not only did she send me this wonderful ATC, but she also sent me some blank vintage paper she found at an estate sale pre-cut to ATC size. Thank you for a great trade Judy!
Los Angeles in watercolor by: John Tallacksen

  Above is the card I painted and traded to Judy. I found an older picture of downtown Los Angeles and I let that inspire my color scheme. The piece was delicately painted in watercolor because the city's fragile water supply has been on my mind a lot lately. Downtown rises above the horizon line like a crown against the faded blue sky. Down below in the foreground is the barrios where there are stories of good times in the light, but also sorrowful times in the shadows. The shadows and silhouettes make the houses in the foreground stand out and therefore reinforces their closer proximity to the viewer. I hope to bring some of those stories to my audience in future pieces.
  Trading original art for original art among other artists brings a very satisfying feeling. The idea of miniature art being traded like currency between people is very appealing to me. I encourage you to join our global community in the trade.

Spray Paint and ACEOs Hecha en L.A.

Green Iguana- spray paint and deco markers on trading card by: John Tallacksen
  The very green and yellow iguana above is my second experiment with aerosol paint and ACEOs. As far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong, there is only one other artist in the ACEO world who uses spray paint and that is Daniel Flores
  Personal history lesson: I met Daniel Flores in Los Angeles back in 2008. We were both a part of a local art movement called L.A. Street Productions. Back in the early 90's L.A. Street Productions became the first collective of artists to create ACEOs and ATCs in the L.A. area. There still aren't that many artist in Los Angeles making trading cards. Mr. Flores became one of our premier ACEO artists. He continues a very successful run on selling ACEOs on ebay to this day. For a while he was using spray paint to create his backgrounds. I saw that and decided to try it myself. I am an advocate and practitioner of street art (only legal) so of course I loved the idea of taking my deco markers and spray paint collection into my body of miniature artwork. You'll find that this is a unique style within ACEOs emanating from L.A. and quite possibly nowhere else as of this writing.
Please visit my auctions on ebay.com to bid on this card and many more.  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sea Gull ACEO And More

Herring Gull ACEO by John Tallacksen
  This art card is one of my latest auctions posted on ebay.com. Some of my auctions are running out of time so make sure that you aren't missing something you would like to bid on. I plan on posting more this week so stay tuned!

Tales From The Sketchbook

As mentioned before I've been spending a lot of time in the sketchbook with some social groups like Drink and Draw and Sketchcrawl. Below are some of the latest sketches. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mi Oración

This piece is being auctioned over the next 9 days at my ebay store.

Title: Mi Oración (my prayer)

Description: A painting on a broken skate deck of Death losing it's sting over the city of Los Angeles, and hopefully your city as-well.
Story: The broken skate deck I used for this piece was given to me by a young skater from my neighborhood in Los Angeles. I collect these from the skaters so I can turn them into art. I find it fascinating that this board of wood has not only traveled the streets and hidden corners of my city, but literally slid across almost every surface I can imagine. What other artifact knows the city more intimately than these skateboards? The jagged crack that runs through this particular deck reminded me of a city skyline which gave me the idea for this piece. Mi Oracion has been in different art exhibits around Los Angeles at Tribal Cafe and Mama's Hot Tamales. It is a very special piece to me because of the prayer it carries. 
Medium:Aerosol paint, acrylic, deco markers, white-out, and twine to hang it.

Natives To The American Continents

Tongva by: John Tallacksen
  As a European American who was born in the U.S. I've lived my whole life with an understanding that I both belong on this continent and I don't. Europeans came in and dominated this land in terrible ways that I don't agree with yet the products of this horrific history is all I've ever known. This is a very real and sensitive subject that I confess has me confused as to what my responses should be. On one hand, I feel a duty to at least acknowledge the truth and try to explore it more. On the other hand, whenever I attempt to process through some of this out loud I am quickly reminded that I am a "white man" who enjoys white privilege and knows nothing of the issues. Someone always ends up getting offended. I do not wish to offend anyone- I want to know a truth that we can set free to heal and be able to have peace in our lives together.
  The ACEO pictured above is a miniature painting of a woman from the Tongva Tribe. As far as I know this tribe is one of the earliest people groups to live in what is now called Los Angeles, California. I would like to find better ways to honor those that have cultivated and inhabited this land before us. This painting is just a start, and I hope it leads to more understanding and better ways to honor others in the near future.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Disney TV Series That Look Amazing

  Both of these animated shows look great as far as visuals and animation go- we'll see about story. Unfortunately I had nothing to do with either of these productions, but they look like a lot of fun to work on.

Tron Uprising on Disney XD:

Motorcity Compositing Reel:

Motorcity was created by Chris Prynoski. This show premiered yesterday (Monday, April 30th at 9pm, ET/PT on Disney XD). The new series is produced by Robin Red Breast, Inc. (subsidiary of Titmouse, Inc.) and Disney Television Animation. The first episode should be available to watch for free on iTunes (there’s a free iPhone/iPad game on iTunes as well).