Monday, May 7, 2012

Spray Paint and ACEOs Hecha en L.A.

Green Iguana- spray paint and deco markers on trading card by: John Tallacksen
  The very green and yellow iguana above is my second experiment with aerosol paint and ACEOs. As far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong, there is only one other artist in the ACEO world who uses spray paint and that is Daniel Flores
  Personal history lesson: I met Daniel Flores in Los Angeles back in 2008. We were both a part of a local art movement called L.A. Street Productions. Back in the early 90's L.A. Street Productions became the first collective of artists to create ACEOs and ATCs in the L.A. area. There still aren't that many artist in Los Angeles making trading cards. Mr. Flores became one of our premier ACEO artists. He continues a very successful run on selling ACEOs on ebay to this day. For a while he was using spray paint to create his backgrounds. I saw that and decided to try it myself. I am an advocate and practitioner of street art (only legal) so of course I loved the idea of taking my deco markers and spray paint collection into my body of miniature artwork. You'll find that this is a unique style within ACEOs emanating from L.A. and quite possibly nowhere else as of this writing.
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