Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mi Oración

This piece is being auctioned over the next 9 days at my ebay store.

Title: Mi Oración (my prayer)

Description: A painting on a broken skate deck of Death losing it's sting over the city of Los Angeles, and hopefully your city as-well.
Story: The broken skate deck I used for this piece was given to me by a young skater from my neighborhood in Los Angeles. I collect these from the skaters so I can turn them into art. I find it fascinating that this board of wood has not only traveled the streets and hidden corners of my city, but literally slid across almost every surface I can imagine. What other artifact knows the city more intimately than these skateboards? The jagged crack that runs through this particular deck reminded me of a city skyline which gave me the idea for this piece. Mi Oracion has been in different art exhibits around Los Angeles at Tribal Cafe and Mama's Hot Tamales. It is a very special piece to me because of the prayer it carries. 
Medium:Aerosol paint, acrylic, deco markers, white-out, and twine to hang it.

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