Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Six Seasons And A Movie Art Exhibit Submission

Preview of my submission "Mozel Tov Howie!"
  Thanks to Pixel Drip Gallery here in Los Angeles, we have a local art exhibit dedicated to NBC's hit comedy series Community. The exhibition is called "Six Seasons And A Movie", a popular mantra among Community geeks. This art show has already snow-balled into a popular buzz topic in the press and all over the internet. 
  I came into the inner workings of this show late, but thankfully the art show's curator Mark Batalla is a patient man and allowed me to submit a piece to this amazing show. My piece (see sneak peek above) turns Jeff's egotistical Hulk-like rampage from episode 12 of season 3 into a homage to legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby.
  This wonderful event is hosted at Monk Space in Los Angeles on June 23rd and 24th. This is a free event that will probably serve as a fan convention for the TV show just as much as it will be an art show. If you are reading this I am inviting you to the show provided that you are in Los Angeles this June. Please join us for one of the biggest Los Angeles events of the Summer.

Six Seasons And A Movie
Monk Space
4414 West 2nd Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90004
11AM - 6PM Sat and Sun

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