Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wild Snipe by: John Tallacksen
  The next time someone tries to trick you into hunting for snipe, what they think will be a wild goose chase, you can surprise them with the fact that snipe do exist. If you have the winning bid for the piece auctioned above you can also return with the card and show them what a wise guy you can be. This auction has 9 days left so browse through my collectible pieces at this link. 

  This card is a continuation of my series using spray paint. This is a significant fact because aerosol paint is rarely used in the ACEO world, and therefore these cards have added value. I've posted on this blog not too long ago about my personal history with this particular medium. Click here to read that posting. As always, I will be continually posting more of my original art cards exclusively in that same auction page. Sometimes I add one card, sometimes I add two, but there will be more constantly trickling in. I plan on never getting caught without having at least one original card posted for auction at any given time so check back often.

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