Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Natives To The American Continents

Tongva by: John Tallacksen
  As a European American who was born in the U.S. I've lived my whole life with an understanding that I both belong on this continent and I don't. Europeans came in and dominated this land in terrible ways that I don't agree with yet the products of this horrific history is all I've ever known. This is a very real and sensitive subject that I confess has me confused as to what my responses should be. On one hand, I feel a duty to at least acknowledge the truth and try to explore it more. On the other hand, whenever I attempt to process through some of this out loud I am quickly reminded that I am a "white man" who enjoys white privilege and knows nothing of the issues. Someone always ends up getting offended. I do not wish to offend anyone- I want to know a truth that we can set free to heal and be able to have peace in our lives together.
  The ACEO pictured above is a miniature painting of a woman from the Tongva Tribe. As far as I know this tribe is one of the earliest people groups to live in what is now called Los Angeles, California. I would like to find better ways to honor those that have cultivated and inhabited this land before us. This painting is just a start, and I hope it leads to more understanding and better ways to honor others in the near future.

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