Saturday, July 30, 2011

As Promised, New Auctions Every 10 Days

Every 10 days or so I post more ACEOs up for auction. The starting bid is $2.99 each. Art Cards Editions & Originals (ACEOs) are small baseball card sized pieces of artwork. The beauty of these is that I can create original ACEOs at a faster rate than I could a canvas piece, and they are more cost effective. With a starting price of just $2.99 more people can afford to bid on these one of a kind drawings and paintings. This also helps me stay in the habit of drawing every day. I always post 7 to 10 pieces every time. The image above is one of the current cards up for bid. To browse my artwork for auction click on the "AUCTIONS" link at the top of this page. Remember to check back every 10 days.

ACEOs are a growing art movement across the globe. If you want proof you can go to and search "ACEO" and scroll through the thousands of art cards being sold and collected around the world.

When ACEOs are not sold, but traded they are called Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). There are many websites where trading can take place.
these are just a few

As you can see, ATCs and ACEOs are highly collectible.

An artist that I would recommend collecting work from is Daniel Flores from Los Angeles.

My encouragement to everyone is to try creating a few art cards yourself rather than just collecting them from artists. They are a lot of fun to create and collect, and you will be advancing an art movement.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Custom Caricatures Available In The Shop

I love stories, and I would love to tell your story through a custom caricature of you. Drawing a portrait or caricature of a person is one of the most satisfying art-forms that I know. My clients are left with a unique piece that portrays their identity in an image that lasts hopefully as long as they do.

After tinkering around I'm convinced I found a system that will allow me to provide custom caricatures to online customers for $15. Click on my shop at the top of this page and you should see the option to purchase a caricature. These caricatures are digital, and will be e-mailed to the customer after they have provided the necessary reference materials. If you want a caricature drawn on paper and sent through the mail you can contact me through the shop under the "Request Custom Item" feature in the shop.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New ACEO Auctions!

New ACEOs are up for auction! Check out my tree frog friend up there. He's one of the pieces up for auction. Click on my "Auctions" link at the top of this blog to view all of the art pieces. Remember, each auction is only available for 10 days.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Original Art Auctions

As of today there are seven new ACEOs (Art Cards Editions & Originals) posted for auction on my Ebay Shop. The images above are two of the cards that have been posted. Remember that each purchase supports my efforts to encourage and train young artists in the Los Angeles area. If you have bid on my work in the past, I thank you very much. Please keep an eye on both my Ebay store and my Etsy shop with the links at the top of this page.

Note: These auctions are only up for auction for 10 days. The cards are all one of a kind. If they are not bid on they will most likely never be available again in any way shape or form. I say "most likely" because a few of them could find their way to my Etsy shop or to an ATC trading post here in Los Angeles.

Super 8 Movie Review

Oh yeah! That's why movies are made.

The sentence above sums up my reaction to this film. I haven't had this much fun watching a movie since Monster Squad, The Evil Dead or E.T. The character development was pretty fast, but couple that with each actor's performance and you have some really solid character driven story telling. The cinematography was done well. I really enjoyed the throw back 70's set designs and wardrobes a lot. This is definitely a film to be experienced on the big screen- don't wait to buy or rent it. Remember, there is a nice pay-off during the ending credits so don't leave right after the movie is done.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Gadgets

Take note of the new links just below the heading of this site. "Gallery, Sketches, Shop, Auctions" are links to either view my artwork or buy it. I will work on the format as I have time, but please enjoy browsing my work. Thank you so much for visiting.

-John T

The Next Step

We The People

Know Your Roots

Now that I have ten ACEOs posted for auction on I'm developing an online shop to sell the art that the core of my heart is in. is a popular site to sell your hand crafted items. It's kind of like the Amazon of crafters. Testing the waters is important before jumping into the pool with the sharks, so for right now I have two prints of my work (images above) for sale. If you would like to purchase prints you can click here to view my shop on Etsy.

As you can see above, the basic idea is to use my auctions on Ebay to introduce art lovers to my work and to my various shops where I sell larger artwork and books. The wise entrepreneur will set links to their other endeavors on their ebay auctions. ACEOs are a fun way to show your drawing skills to the world and double as a business card on the back with your website and name as well as information about the image on the front.

I will continue to report how these efforts are fairing. Hopefully a few people out there will try something similar. We could compare notes.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Original Art For Sale On EBay

I've just listed 10 original Art Trading Cards on EBay starting at $2.99 each! Art Trading Cards are an affordable way to buy and sell original art. All of these cards were hand drawn by me. Check out my EBay store to see all of my ATCs up for auction.

If you're interested in selling your own, please comment on this posting and I will gladly give out more information.
Bid on my auctions

-John T