Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Next Step

We The People

Know Your Roots

Now that I have ten ACEOs posted for auction on I'm developing an online shop to sell the art that the core of my heart is in. is a popular site to sell your hand crafted items. It's kind of like the Amazon of crafters. Testing the waters is important before jumping into the pool with the sharks, so for right now I have two prints of my work (images above) for sale. If you would like to purchase prints you can click here to view my shop on Etsy.

As you can see above, the basic idea is to use my auctions on Ebay to introduce art lovers to my work and to my various shops where I sell larger artwork and books. The wise entrepreneur will set links to their other endeavors on their ebay auctions. ACEOs are a fun way to show your drawing skills to the world and double as a business card on the back with your website and name as well as information about the image on the front.

I will continue to report how these efforts are fairing. Hopefully a few people out there will try something similar. We could compare notes.

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