Thursday, July 28, 2011

Custom Caricatures Available In The Shop

I love stories, and I would love to tell your story through a custom caricature of you. Drawing a portrait or caricature of a person is one of the most satisfying art-forms that I know. My clients are left with a unique piece that portrays their identity in an image that lasts hopefully as long as they do.

After tinkering around I'm convinced I found a system that will allow me to provide custom caricatures to online customers for $15. Click on my shop at the top of this page and you should see the option to purchase a caricature. These caricatures are digital, and will be e-mailed to the customer after they have provided the necessary reference materials. If you want a caricature drawn on paper and sent through the mail you can contact me through the shop under the "Request Custom Item" feature in the shop.

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