Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Original Synesthetic Art

Black Skimmer 2 by: John Tallacksen
  I've just posted the art card above for a ten day auction. It is the third piece in my synesthetic series. If yI've posted a description of the process here. Each card in this series is signed and dated, but the title of the piece is also written in the colors that I see in my mind due to Color-Grapheme Synesthesia. The colors assigned to each letter is what I allow to determine the color scheme of each piece. 

  If you're not familiar with black skimmers they are these wonderful birds that hunt for food by flying very low over water while their lower beak is dipped in order to scoop up food. It's an amazing sight to see them fly so low and watch the line of ripples in the water that follows them.

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