Monday, June 18, 2012

El Nombre De La Ciudad ACEO

El Nombre De La Ciudad by: John Tallacksen
  I created this card earlier in the year as a color study for a larger piece after becoming a fan of Fabian Debora's work. For me painting this piece was a way to cope with my city's lack of preserving or understanding it's own history. Currently there is a sort of ban on murals in Los Angeles which effects a lot of things negatively. Our city was named after a mural in Spain depicting angels surrounding the mother Mary.
  At the same time we have a lot of human trafficking going on in McArthur Park and other areas. I don't quite know how to defend the people being sold into slavery of different kinds, but this piece is the beginning of my action against it. Those of us in the church hold the purity of Christ's mother in high regard, but we need to do the same for God's daughters. This is why the young girl I've painted dressed as the Virgin de Guadelupe isn't supposed to be Mary. Instead this girl represents the average girl in L.A. 

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