Monday, October 10, 2011

BJØRN Webcomic Sketches

Hello fair readers! It's Monday which means more art needs to be posted on the blog. Above you see some concept sketches for my new webcomic BJØRN. For the purposes of longevity in drawing page after page of a comic, I'm forcing myself to keep the style minimal yet delicate. I like playing with shapes while building a character's form. 
The first sketch shows a hunter of some sort. I think I will simplify his design much more over the coming days, but more or less that's what he will look like. The bear will be huge. I want the bear to be both a quadruped and a biped in the story.
Last Monday I posted the cover page of the comic. Next Monday I will be posting the first page. Please come back and follow this journey into story telling. 

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