Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Auctions Update

One of my ACEOs up for a 10 day auction

Hello art enthusiasts! Until recently I have been posting my original ACEOs in batches of 6 to sometimes 10 cards at a time on my ebay.com store. If you are a collector or you've just been following my posts you should know that I have changed my methods a bit. I will be posting new original artwork on ebay one card at a time instead of multiple cards in one day.

On ebay it is important to keep a consistent presence if you plan on being a long time seller- this is why I want to spread my art card auctions out over time. I will not be posting on this blog every single time I post an auction because I don't want all of my images to be viewed online for the long term. There must be some sense of mystery or it's no fun at all. Make sure you check this blog often and use the AUCTIONS button at the top of this blog. I will try to keep at least one auction up at all times.

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