Friday, May 29, 2009

Bring These Movies To The U.S.

Brendan and the Secret Of Kells
The story of a young Irish boy attempting to protect the Book of Kells from the Viking raids. The art design alone on this film is jaw dropping. Much of the layout reminds me of The Thief And The Cobbler. Check out the website for this film at

Max Manus (Man of War)
Max Manus is a Norwegian film about some Norwegian saboteurs that fought the Nazis in World War II. All of these men were heroes, but the movie focuses on Max Manus. This film looks great, and some of the shots in the trailer look amazing. Since there is no U.S. release of any kind, I haven't been able to see this movie, but according to many reviews I've read the film takes a unique look at the state of many German soldiers during WWII. Apparently they aren't portrayed as exaggerated sci fi villains like many stories tend to do. This film looks fairly real in it's approach. I love that it's a Norwegian film too. Go to the official site at

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