Monday, August 1, 2011

Blitz the Embassador

It is time to highlight one of the few- one of the last artists to understand the culture of Hip Hop. Blitz is an MC who has apparently studied the history, read the current times, and moves forward with the realization that he speaks into the future.

"... these kids that's raised on rap music are scared of their own voice that's why they're auto-tunin'" - what a true line...

Popular music, for the most part, is no longer concerned with art so much as it's concerned with business. They aren't selling us art, they're selling us a product. That's why they spend millions on marketing campaigns designed to tell us what to like. Please listen to an artist that cares about art, and the process. It's pretty bad when a person feels the need to beg us all to simply believe in something.

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