Saturday, August 27, 2011

Theory Hazit and A Red Doberman

Pictured above is an ACEO I drew of Hip Hop MC Theory Hazit. "I've never heard of him," you say- well that's exactly my point in drawing him. Google this guy's name. Listen to his music; especially the track "We Are The Ones." ... You're welcome.

Since this is a preview of yet another original ACEO, you must know what time it is. Yes, I finally posted 7 new ACEOs up for auction on ebay. Click on my AUCTIONS link at the top of this site to see all of them. Among others, I have drawings of a red doberman, Billie Holiday, Budgie Birds, and even the rare abstract piece.
Remember to come back every 10 days for more original one-time art pieces up for auction. I settled into my new place so sorry for the delay this month.

Psssst Check out my SHOP link at the top of this page too. I have a limited print run for sale on my Etsy shop. There are only 15 of them. Enjoy shopping my friends.

-John T

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