Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art Class Reminded Me That I Was Human

(image from DoSomething.org)

  Earlier today a short article titled Art Matters by Karla Vasquez appeared on Sojourner's blog about art classes being cut from schools budgets and the theological reasoning to keep them. A post by Liz Dwyer on Good Magazine's website argues the arts are important in an economy where creativity is a key asset to anyone in the current or future workforce.
  I agree on both fronts, but mostly on the first. My stance on the matter is this: the ability to create is part of what makes us human. More importantly creativity is our connection to God the Creator- we were created in His image to be creative beings. As stated in the video within my last post, "this is why there are lots of stories about puppies, but puppies aren't writing stories." Through art we have the ability to find out who we are in God and why we exist. Keep math class, keep the sciences, languages, and history- but art class helps us figure out what to do with all of that information.

  If you're in Los Angeles check out Inner-City Arts

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