Wednesday, March 14, 2012

God, Art, Us

Do you agree with anything these artists are saying about God and art? I have a few things that I'm not sure about. Let's discuss in the comments section if you dare...


  1. haven't finished watching it yet, but just interested to know what you're not sure about.

  2. I agree with their interpretation of the references in Genesis in regards to us being created in the image of god and how we should live in light of that truth.

    It's great that they touched on sin because it's true that most stop their discussion before hitting on that topic.

    The first red flag was how they handled the idea of sacrifice. I don't think they spent enough time defining what kind of sacrifice God doesn't want. My initial thoughts go to Psalm 40:6 and 51:16 on one hand, and Romans 12:1 on the other.
    It's so true that following after popular culture and attempting to cleanse it by doing something like turning subway into "Hisway" is very dark and not the sacrifice that God requires. I loath Christian bubble art as-well, but I don't think I'm in the clear as far as sacrifice goes.
    I have yet to follow these thoughts to a conclusion, but it seems to me that a lot of my inspiration for art comes from some kind of sacrifice. Sure it's not the type they are speaking against, but I don't think they spent enough time on this idea.

    On another topic, there is a large chip on my shoulder especially when I'm talking to other Christians about art. This has always been a fault of mine, and I've been conscious over the years that I have to approach people with more love and grace. The gentleman with the glasses and the hat admitted in the video that he had a chip on his shoulder, but he came off as pretty crass and condescending in his presentation. A lot of things he was saying were true, but delivering an idea to a crowd well is an art-form that I don't think he excels at.