Sunday, December 18, 2011

Best Paper Store For Artists In Los Angeles: Part 2

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  Back in October I wrote about my two favorite shops in Los Angeles McManus & Morgan and Aardvark Letterpress. (Best Paper Store For Artists In Los Angeles: Part 1) As divine forces would have it, film maker Ben Proudfoot made a short documentary about these two shops recently, and I found out that the final version is posted on his Vimeo page. Watch the full short film above.
  I can't tell you how amazing these two shops are especially when they work together on their client's creative projects. You should not take my word for it at all. You must go visit them. They are next door neighbors on 7th and Carondelet Street in MacArthur Park. I stop in quite often and talk to Gary, one of the shop owners, about business. It astounds me how many artists don't know about this incredible resource. As you can see in the video above they are struggling to survive. What a tragedy it would be if we ever lost either, or both, of these establishments. Go check them out only if you want your creative limits to be blown apart and splattered all over the floor.

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