Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toon Tuesdays: ACEO #001

ACEO comic #1

  This comic was constructed out of a short set of ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) I made. I'm hoping to make more of these on a monthly basis. These toons might be in comic format or even a short animation. I will auction off each set in my AUCTIONS page up above. (ACEO #001 is the first comic I've ever done in this format, and is up for auction on the a-fore mentioned page)  


  1. John... I have never seen anyone pull these two concepts together. You have a whole new format for a comic book. The power would be in its flexibility... especially if each card can stand alone... and if people can also create their own stories by rearranging them into their own sequences. Plus as with series... certain cards could be the common scenes that a person returns to like in any series or mini-series... while others could be completely unique. My mind is buzing with ideas.

  2. John,
    Thank you for the ideas. I'd like to push myself to make each card a stand alone gag or story, yet string them as one short strip. I'm planning on animating with ACEOs also. We'll see what happens.