Sunday, December 11, 2011


We take ownership of our favorite specialists. "My barber", "My lawyer", "My tailor", "My publicist" - Shad K is my Hip Hop MC
These are the specialists in our lives, but for me the list doesn't seem to be complete. This got me thinking- Hip Hop is very important to me. If I were to call someone "My MC" who would it be? This MC would have to have skills with free-styling, battling, recording, performing, writing, playing instruments, realizing their words must speak into the past present and future among many other things. Who would my MC specialist be?
Gil Scott Heron has the historical vote. KRS One pretty much has it all (but the kids these days aren't ready for him). Who is the Hip Hop MC that has it all for today's day in age? Shad K is that MC right now for me.

Shad has the Punch-Lines, here's proof:

Shad has profound lyricism down:

This MC even tips his hat to the old "Boom Bap" days of Hip Hop (like Drop from the Pharcyde)

He's got his freestyles on lock too

No doubt he has a great stage presence as-well

Ok, that's enough said. Appreciate your MCs whoever they are.

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